Cloudbreak Asset Management Pty Ltd brings to market one of Australia’s first cryptocurrency managed funds. We simplify the process of investing in high-growth cryptocurrency assets, leveraging our specialist knowledge to carefully diversify your investment for optimal returns. The fund presents investors with a unique opportunity to easily invest in this exciting new market.


Cloudbreak Asset Management utilises a multidisciplinary approach to targeting and investing in optimal mix portfolios within the cryptocurrency asset landscape. We possess an in-depth understanding of financial markets and blockchain technologies and are perfectly positioned to assist you in achieving extraordinary financial success in this outstanding growth market.


We are a consortium of financial markets professionals and blockchain global leaders.


Financial markets expertise, a disciplined and detailed approach to analysis and the best and brightest minds in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.


Cryptocurrency – the worlds best performing asset class for the last 7 years


Smart investment decisions start with education. Let us assist you to get ahead of the curve by informing you of what bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are and by helping you understand the drivers of value in these assets.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

What are they? Why do they matter?

Blockchain Technology

Deconstructing the mystery and understanding the future

What gives a CryptoCurrency its Value

We discuss the value drivers of cryptocurrency


The Cloudbreak Cryptocurrency Fund is now live.  We currently have a limited number of opportunities available to invest with us and will soon be opening to larger numbers of wholesale investors.  Our minimum investment amount is $100K AUD.

Products and Performance

The majority of both traded and longer-term investment assets would be considered higher market capitalisation cryptocurrencies.

Investment Methodology

We utilise a combination of quantitative, technical and informed qualitative analysis to select potential inclusion assets. We then apply Modern Portfolio Theory to establish the optimal mix of assets in each portfolio.

Invest In the Fund

Here you will find the details for obtaining our Information Memorandum, Application Form and other important information in regard to investing in the Cloudbreak Cryptocurrency Fund.

The Fund is now LIive.

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