Cloudbreak Funds

Cloudbreak Bitcoin Investment Trust (CBIT)

CBIT is a single asset, long only, passive Bitcoin tracker with Institutional grade cold storage (custody).  Our custodian holds an insurance policy with Lloyds of London that covers Bitcoin holdings.  The Fund aims to simplify the process of acquiring and safely storing Bitcoin in a cost effective manner, via a familiar investment vehicle.  The Fund suits sophisticated investors that are looking to allocate a portion of their portfolio to the digital asset market via the largest market capitalisation digital asset but either do not want the hassle of handling and storing their investment or are not familiar with the protocols of safe acquisition and storage. There are zero performance fees associated with CBIT.

This Fund will go live during October 2019 and is currently accepting sophisticated investors only.

APIR Code: BQC3979AU


Cloudbreak Digital Opportunities Fund (CDOF)

Not currently open to new investment

Portfolio Structure 

CDOF is a structured mix of assets that aims to provide investors with a strong balance of stability and growth. The majority of digital assets are in the top ten by market capitalisation with some higher value small cap inclusions to accelerate growth. The Fund also actively trades and utilizes derivatives in order to take advantage of shorter-term volatility and is mandated to invest in public companies that have as a significant portion of their revenue model, distributed ledger or blockchain based products. All of our Funds are strictly for sophisticated investors only.

While investing in digital currency is considered higher risk than most traditional asset classes; this risk is what presents the greatest potential for return. In light of this fact, at a later date we intend on releasing further products differentiated by their associated level of risk and will keep clients advised accordingly.