Cloudbreak Cryptocurrency Fund

Portfolio Structure

Our portfolio is a structured and optimal mix of assets that provides investors with a strong balance of stability and growth. The majority of assets are in the top ten by market capitalisation with some higher value small cap inclusions to accelerate growth. The Fund will also actively trade in order to take advantage of shorter term volatility.

While investing in cryptocurrency is considered higher risk than most traditional asset classes; this risk is what presents the greatest potential for return. In light of this fact, at a later date we intend on releasing more aggressive portfolios and will keep clients advised accordingly.

At the time of writing, large, medium and small capitalisation were classified as follows:

  • Large Cap: Greater than $5 BN (70-90%)
  • Medium Cap: Between $1BN and $5 BN (10-30%)
  • Small Cap: Less than $1BN (0-10%)

Performance table

The Fund commenced trading on 1st November 2017.  Results to date can be found in the following table:

 Cloudbreak Fund Bitcoin 
MonthPerf MonthPerf LifetimePerf MonthPerf Lifetime
Nov 1715.49%15.49%50.99%50.99%
Dec 1730.18%50.35%38.81%108.87%
Jan 185.51%58.63%-27.57%50.80%
Feb 182.18%62.09%1.57%53.41%
Mar 18-25.34%21.01%-32.85%2.89%
April 1839.88%69.28%31.95%36.34%
May 18-9.86%52.59%-18.99%10.57%
Jun 18-12.46%33.58%-14.62%-5.51%
Jul 18-2.38%30.40%21.35%14.79%
Aug 180.76%31.39%-9.42%3.83%
Sep 18 2.18%34.25% -5.05%
Oct 18-3.25%29.88%-4.54%-7.42%
Nov 18-25.26%-2.93%-36.42%-40.64%
Dec 18-22.76%*-25.02%*-7.02%-44.70%
Jan 19-7.34%-30.53%*-7.71%-48.90%
Feb 19-2.94%-32.57%*11.39%-43.04%
Mar 19-7.66%-37.73%*6.56%-39.32%

**All figures are net of fees

*Includes impairment of ICO assets